Sree Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences

Rules & Regulations

Medical Education

  • Students will be allowed to attend the classes only after all fees are paid.
  • All the students have to pay yearly fees.
  • If any Student discontinues studies on any grounds, he / she will be liable to pay the tuition fees for the entire course period. In such cases, all certificates including the transfer certificate will be issued only after payment of all dues including tuition fees for the entire course is made.
  • Ours is a hundred percent residential Campus. Students have to reside in the hostels and they will be allowed to visit their homes only on days as decided by the management. No day scholar systems will be permitted under any circumstances
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be served in the Hostel.
  • Students are not allowed to keep two-wheelers and cars in the campus.
  • Use of mobile phones, ipods, videos, cameras, laptops and all such electronic gadgets inside the campus is prohibited.
  • Smoking and alcoholic drinks are totally prohibited.
  • There will be a mandatory dress code for all students / House Surgeons throughout the course. Uniforms will be supplied by the college.  All students must wear a Doctor’s over coat. All male students must shave daily.  Jeans, T-Shirts, bathroom slippers wearing of studs, bangles, and bands are not allowed.
  • There will be regular value oriented classes / discussions in the campus. Students are advised to participate in these programmes. This is an institution meant for higher learning and the objective is not only to impart education but also character building of the students and transform them into good human beings.
  • When there is no class or when classes are over, students are not allowed to remain in the class rooms. They should utilize the library during free hours.
  • Female students have to tie their hair up tightly, and are restricted from wearing any hair accessories, flowers etc. They are allowed to wear small studs, a chain and one or two bangles.
  • Students are allowed to go home once a month after class on Second Saturdays and have to come back before 8 am on Mondays apart from the holidays permitted. In an emergency, parents should come in person to collect their wards.   While going home, female students should be accompanied by their parents or guardian whose names are entered in the hostel register.  When the students go home, they have to apply for leave of absence according to the protocol.
  • All students have to present fitness certificate from a Government Medical Officer, and undergo a medical check-up in the college before admission.
  • For any grievance, the student can approach the Principal or Administrative Officer.
  • Students are expected to observe absolute discipline in their conduct during their entire stay in the institution. Failure to observe absolute discipline will invite appropriate action.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence and is prohibited by law of the land. If any student is found to have involved or indulged in any incident of ragging he / she will be summarily expelled from the institution. Such student will be liable to pay to the institution all the loss that the institution may have to suffer on account of such expulsion. Decision of the Director with regard to expulsion, loss and recovery will be final and binding on the student. Where the circumstances warrant, the administration may also report incidences of ragging to the Police for appropriate action.
  • Mere presence at the scene of ragging amounts to abetment of Ragging and is liable for punishment.
  • Valuables are not allowed to be kept in the class room. The management/ college is not responsible for any loss of valuables.
  • Parents are responsible for monitoring the academic performance and the progress of their wards periodically by contacting the concerned HOD’s / Principal.
  • Visitors are not allowed to meet the students or teachers without the permission of the Director.
  • In any emergency, to leave the class during working days, permission has to be sought from each department through the Principal and Director.
  • Political and religious conversations are not allowed inside the college.
  • Every application for leave should be made in prescribed form.
  • Students needing to leave class owing to sudden indisposition must obtain the permission of the HOD and Principal.
  • Students who fall ill and require leave should report immediately to the Academic in charge and the leave applications should be sent to the Director with the certificate of the doctor who treated him / her. Those requiring inpatient treatments will be admitted to the sick room in the college hospital or sent to the hostel as deemed necessary.
  • Absence without leave for one or more days will entail not only the loss of attendance but make the student liable for further disciplinary action including fine for such absence.
  • A student absenting himself / herself from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his / her name removed from the rolls.
  • As the teacher enters the classroom, the students shall stand up and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till the teacher takes his seat.
  • No student shall be allowed to leave the classroom without permission of the teacher until the class is dismissed.
  • Students are expected to assemble in the class room five minutes before the appointed hour, when the roll will be called and the absence of student, if any noted. A student coming to the class after roll call may be punished by loss of attendance.
  • Students are not permitted to remain in the Class room / Laboratory / Hospital / Library beyond the appointed time.


Campus Discipline

  • The students are expected to respect the superiors in the College / Hostel / and Campus.
  • Each one should behave properly with others and interact in polite language.
  • Courtesy should be shown to faculty, staff, senior students and women in particular.



  • For MBBS / BDS minimum 80% physical presence in a subject including attendance in non lecture teaching is compulsory for appearing for the University examinations.
  • If a student’s performance is not up to the mark in the Internal Assessment Examinations, extra remedial classes will be conducted after routine working hours, and additional fees will be charged.


House Surgeoncy

  • It is compulsory for the students who pass out MBBS / BDS from this institution to do their compulsory residential rotating internship in this institution itself.


  • Light & fan: Rooms are provided with lights and fans. Residents should ensure that the lights and fans are switched off when leaving the room. Lights should not be on while sleeping. Each occupant of the room is liable to pay a fine, irrespective of the responsibility of this negligence. No resident is allowed to have additional electrical fittings.
  • Meals or extras will not be sent to the hostel rooms.
  • Residents are not allowed to take any food cups, saucers, tumblers, bowls and other utensils belonging to the hostel mess to their rooms under any circumstances.
  • The list of dues from residents shall be published in the notice board by the 5th of every month. All payments shall be paid no later than the 10th of the month, failing which a fine of Rs. 10 per day will be collected.
  • Medical Aid: All ordinary and minor ailments will be attended to by the Medical Officer of the college hospital. Sick residents shall remain in the hostel for more than 24 hrs and he/she will be shifted to the college hospital for further treatment.
  • Rooms should be kept scrupulously clean. Soiled items and clothes should be stored out of sight. Discarded rags and papers should not be thrown about in the rooms, terrace and premises. Furniture, rooms, doors, etc., should not be disfigured with writing, sticking hand bills, posters etc. Nailing on the walls and pasting pictures inside the room are not allowed.
  • There should be restraint and decorum in behaviour. Shouting, reading aloud and other acts likely to disturb other residents during study hours must be avoided. Singing/ dancing is not permitted in the hostels without the express permission of  the Director.
  • Residents of male and female hostels are expected to be in their hostels by their allotted time respectively. Prior permission should be obtained if a resident is unable to comply with the above condition.
  • Every resident shall ensure that he/she uses only the bed, furniture and room allotted to him/her for study, rest and sleep. Switching of accommodation on any pretext is not allowed, except in the event of a genuine need for combined study, and after prior permission from the Director.
  • Residents are not allowed to remove any furniture, fittings, light etc., belonging to the hostel. Any damage to hostel property shall be immediately reported to the Warden. The cost of damage will be recovered from the individual concerned. If the person is not traced, the members of the wing flat concerned will be held responsible. In case of wanton damage, in addition to recovery of cost of repair, the Director might impose a suitable fine.
  • Residents are not permitted to convene any type of meeting anywhere in the hostel premises without the Warden’s written sanction obtained on a written request.
  • No circular or subscription list shall be taken around except with the permission of the Director.
  • No resident shall take active part in political meetings or processions, and strictly prohibited from doing any political propaganda. Disregard of this rule will lead to immediate expulsion from the hostel.
  • Residents are forbidden from ill-treating any of the hostel support staff and should not have any dealings with them.
  • All students, before going away during vacation or otherwise shall see that all their dues are paid completely before leaving.
  • Residents are strictly advised not to leave any money or valuables in their rooms. The hostel authorities are not responsible for money or goods lost by students or their guests.
  • Residents are not allowed to go home on the basis of telephone message. In case of any emergency, a written letter needs to be given to the hostel warden who will take a decision if the reason is found satisfactory. 
  • Night study is compulsory and strict silence must be maintained during study hours.
  • Visitors’ Day is every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Only parents and ID holders are allowed to meet the student. Visitors (both male and female) are not allowed to enter the hostel.
  • Hostel residents are permitted to go home once in a month only with parent / guardian.
  • Any requirement for shopping for the residents will be decided by the Director or AO
  • Food should not be wasted, and anyone wasting food will be penalised.
  • Water should not be misused or wasted, and taps must be closed before leaving the room.
  • No stranger, especially tradesmen will be allowed within the hostel compound.
  • Misconduct for breach of any of these rules of the hostel will render the offender liable to fine, suspension or dismissal.