Sree Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences

IT Infrastructures

The campus LAN is the backbone, it gave us great initiative of the college to realize the objective of paperless administration. This facility also caters to various needs of the faculty and the students of the college. The management sets aside about 2% of its budget towards the maintenance of IT Infrastructure and its maintenance. PURPOSE: With this system, observing, learning and monitoring become easier and efficient. Most importantly, Student-student and staff-student communication are greatly facilitated by this technology. Since March 2019, All the departments have LCD projectors, overhead projectors, printers and scanners. The computers and printers of all the departments have software installed in them and the Hardware is also maintained timely. All the 9 departments are equipped with computers of updated configurations, and Internet facilities via WiFi for updating and exploring various academic activities.Our institution has an experienced technicians team for maintenance of computers and also for upgradation of its website. Maintenance and up-gradation is done from time to time. At UG and PG level, the teachers use the Internet for providing study materials to the students wherever required and necessary. 



The College has campus wide LAN infrastructures (Switching Devices) to improve the availability, stability, speed and overall performance of the LAN and internet facilities.. All the setups are being provided with the newer upgraded system. All the department users have been given direct connectivity with high speed. The whole LAN setup is actively working 24/7 including holidays. The college has a 500 MBPS internet connectivity and for security and safety of the campus wide LAN setup the gateway lab is equipped with high end Router Sonic firewall, etc. Faculty and students can also access e-journals, e-books and resources from different databases and through the internet facilities available on the campus. The quality of the learning process is enhanced through the utilization of online resources by faculty and students. Access to various online resources is being made available to all students and faculty of the institution. The IT facility is also one of the major priorities for the institution. 

Some of the capabilities are listed below: 

Course Management –Details of the course along with study materials, digital content and resources are provided. 

Time Table Schedule – Planned priorly for the whole month/year is given in advance. Teaching Plan – Teaching plan along with the content to be covered in the class is provided. 

Sessional Marks – The marks of every internal assessment conducted is available to the students. 

E-Notice Board – Information, Notices, Circulars regarding events can be disclosed