Sree Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences

Prosthodontics & Crown and Bridge


Prosthodontics is a main branch of Dentistry concerned with replacement of lost or missing dental parts with artificial substitutes. The treatment modalities which come under this department are complete dentures, removable partial dentures, fixed partial dentures, implants and oral and maxillofacial prosthesis.

The teaching curriculum is spread across all four academic years of BDS and also during Compulsory Rotatory Internship. The 3 year MDS course has two seats per year with of six post graduates at a given time.

The HoD is a PhD guide in Kerala University and was the examiner for awarding PhD in Meenakshiammal Deemed University, Chennai. The eminent faculty is regularly appointed as external examiners for post graduate and under graduate University examinations, inspectors for university curriculum inspections, and for Dental council of India Regulations.

Many faculty members also hold positions in the Indian Dental Association, the Indian Prosthodontics Society, and on editorial panels of national and state journals.

Rural dental camps and school dental health awareness programmes are routinely conducted in collaboration with the Department of Public Health Dentistry.

During training in this department, dental graduates should acquire adequate knowledge, reasonable attitude and necessary skills necessary to carry out appropriate general dental practice including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of the teeth, treating various anomalies, rehabilitation of missing teeth and other maxillofacial defects. The graduate should also understand the concept of community oral health.

  • Training programme in Prosthetic dentistry including Crown, Bridge and Implantology structured to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical and clinical laboratory, attitude, communicative skills and ability  to conduct research with  understanding  of social, cultural, Educational and environmental background of the society
  • Student should acquire adequate knowledge and understanding of applied basic and systemic medical science, knowledge in general and particularly of head and neck
  • The graduates will be able to provide Prosthodontic therapy for patients with competence and working knowledge with understanding of applied medical, behavioural and clinical science, that are beyond the treatment skills of the general BDS graduate and MDS graduate of other specialities, to demonstrate evaluative and judgment skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention, treatment, after care and referral to deliver comprehensive care to patients


  • Forty fully automatic dental chairs

  • Undergraduate clinic

  • Postgraduate clinic

  • Preclinical lab area spreading around an area of 12000 sq. feet, well equipped with 40 modern electrical dental chairs

  • Undergraduate Clinical Lab

  • State of the art ceramic lab

  • Seminar room

  • Fully equipped implant room

  • Specialty department library

Treatments Done

  • Complete denture

  • Removable partial dentures

  • Cast partial dentures

  • Fixed partial dentures

  • Implants

  • Maxillofacial prosthesis

Research Work done till Date

All faculty and post graduates are conducting research in collaboration with the Biomedical Wing of Sree Chithra Thirunal Institute of Science and Technology, Trivandrum. The faculty also has many international and national level publications in reputed journals.

Name Topic Year

Dr. Aparna Mohan

A Comparative Evaluation of the fracture resistance of five different dowel systems in endodontically treated mandibular 1st premolars - An in vitro study


Dr. Priya M. S.
A Comparative Evaluation Adaptation and fracture resistance of three different types of metal free ceramic systems with metal crown – An in vitro study
Dr. Arun R.
Evaluation of speech in maxillary defects and its correction using palatography – An in vivo study`
Dr. Nikhil S. Rajan
A comparative evaluation in different types of treatments on titanium alloy samples with or without Gentamicin and its effect on biofilm – An in vitro study
Dr. Aravind Krishnan
A comparative evaluation of fracture resistance using Instron machine and stress pattern distribution by finite elements analysis in various designs of precision attachments employed for Kennedy’s class I – An in vitro study
Dr. Anjana S.
A Comparative Evaluation of Influenece of four different surface treatments on the bond strength of ceramic over direct metal laser sintered cobalt chromium alloy – An in vitro study
2011- 2014
Dr. Amal Shajahan
Evaluation of the corrosion resistance and flexural strength of various surface modified implants - An in vitro study
Dr. Nissy Elizabeth
Determination of the optimum thickness of metal free monolithic zirconia crowns whose fracture strength under compressive load is comparable to that of metal ceramics crowns - An in vitro study
2012- 2015
Dr. Eshona PEARL
Adherence of streptococcus mutans on titanium substrates surface modified by laser and acid etching technique - A comparative in vitro study
Dr. Tasneem Raji
Effects of different laser wavelenths on surface roughness of sand blasted, large grid and acid etched Titanium and Zirconia Implant Subtrates - A Comparative in-vitro study
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Comparison of Marginal adaptation and Microleakage between two Zirconia crowns with that of Glass ceramic crowns luted with Resin cements
Dr. Vivek B. Chandran
Comparative stress distribution of different Implant Designs in bone - A 3-D Finite Element Analysis
Dr. Soumya Mohan B.
Comparison of shear bond strength of two different Ceramic Repair Systems with two different surface treatments on metal surface- An in vitro study
2015- 2018
Dr. Ebinu A.
Comparison of shear bond strength of veneering ceramic to zirconia after surface treatment with air abrasion & laser treatment
2015 – 2018
Dr. Amalorpavam V.
Comparison of Marginal fit and Internal adaptation of copings fabricated with polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and zirconia - An in vitro study
2016 - 2019
Dr. Jithin G. N.
Effect of different types of interim cements on shear bond strength of zirconia blocks luted with resin cement on dentin surface - an in vitro study
2016 - 2019

Teaching Programme

For Under Graduates
  • Theory classes from first to fourth year BDS
  • Pre-clinical sessions for first and second year BDS
  • Clinical session for third and fourth year BDS
  • Internal examinations 4/year for each batch
  • Seminars
  • Test papers
  • Case discussions
  • Project work for house surgeons
  • Seminars for house surgeons
  • Dental camps
For Post Graduates
  • Seminars
  • Journal club
  • Case discussions
  • Inter disciplinary discussions
  • Research discussions
  • Examinations
  • Regular Dental camps
  • Clinical sessions
  • Participation in workshops, P.G conventions, Conferences (National and International), Table clinic and Panel discussions.
  • Regular participation in academic forums

Faculty as Speaker

Conference Year Faculty Topic
IPS Kerala Chapter Annual Conference
Dr. T. Sreelal
Advances in Maxillofacial Prosthetics
IDA Trivandrum
Dr. T. Sreelal
IPS National Conference - Chennai
Dr. T. Sreelal
Selection of implants by different implant systems
IPS National conference - Hyderabad
Dr. T. C. Giri
Ceramic Laminate Veneers
IPS Kerala State Conference - Cochin
Dr. T. Sreelal
Advances in Prosthodontics