Sree Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences

CDE – Periodontics

CDE Programme on, “Miracle Of Perio Plastic Surgery: Treatment For Esthetic Smile” With Hands

25th September 2019

As per the activities of the academic forum, We conducted a CDE programme on,“Miracle of Perio plastic surgery: Treatment for esthetic smile” with Hands-on at SreeMookambika Institute of Dental Sciences, Kulasekharam

After the inaugural function the lecture session was started by Dr.Seba Abraham on, “Soft tissue augmentation: connective tissue  harvesting and its applications”. The second lecture of the day was given by Dr.Arun Sadasivan on the topic, “Prognostic factors in Root coverage procedures-recent concepts” with this the forenoon session was concluded and delegates were served with lunch.

The afternoon programme was a hands on session in which connective tissue  harvesting in goat jaw was done. The entire procedure was guided by Dr.Seba Abraham, Dr.Elizabeth Koshi and Dr.Arun Sadasivan.